Getting engaged in Paris

Spending your holidays in France is something already dreamy and full of wonders... add a wedding proposal to that and you have every ingredients to make the romantic movie of the year !

Ryan contacted me 8 months before their trip to plan the whole thing; he wanted to ask his girlfriend Kathleen to marry him on a boat, floating on the Seine, in front of the Eiffel Tower at sunset. His vision was clear, but he was very open to every suggestions we made. I really loved this project with all my soul; his was so devoted to make Kathleen happy, to enchante her, it made my heart melt !

boat cruise on the seine
he proposed in front of the eiffel tower
getting engaged in Paris

Make a magical wedding proposal on the Seine

This surprise engagement photoshoot happened on a luxurious boat of Seine Avenue company. Everything was already planned for months, and once the couple arrived, Yoan (the captain) and I were ready to make some magic happen (and stay forever in pictures).

Kathleen didn't suspected a thing; the boat cruise was already a surprise to her, she was so pleased. Then, when we arrived in front of the Eiffel Tower, Ryan took a knee and gave her a Tiffany ring, saying all the beautiful intimate things about their relationship you can imagine, and that I obviously didn't listen to.

It was an unforgettable, unique and magical wedding proposal.

surprise engagement session

Wanna plane your proposal with a parisian photographer ?

I'm you gal !

they kiss at the Eiffel Tower
wedding proposal in front of the Eiffel tower
couple celebrating their engagement
Ryan proposing to his girlfriend
Tiffany ring
engagement on the Seinte
parisian surprise wedding proposal